Episode 7 – Mr Peat Moss and Mr Kipper

This week Nadine tells the story of some peat bodies found in the UK (stick with her – she gets to Britain!!) and the history of a few of them. Bob tells the story of an appointment with Mr Kipper and the resulting police case.

Bob on short story

Nadine on long story

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Bob and Nadine recording in The Settle Inn, StirlingAbout Twisted Britain

Each week we take it in turns to tell 1 long story and 1 short story from British history always with a lean towards the twisted.

The recording happens in the back of the Settle Inn, the oldest pub in Stirling (established in 1733), so we have no idea whats going to happen during recording! We hope you feel like you’re in the pub with us, so get a drink, listen in and enjoy yourself.

No redactions!

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